Look before you leap, not after

I was raised in the country so walking barefoot outside was just normal. One summer day, I was outside with my dog. One of her pastimes was chasing lizards. She never caught one, but it was always funny to watch. This particular afternoon, she was in pursuit of a deep almost purple colored one. I was laughing at her uncoordinated attack when the little purple guy thought its peril was not as funny as I thought. It ran straight for my feet and scampered its cold slimy body up my shin. My laughter turned to a shriek as I jumped and shook my leg. The lizard jumped back to stable ground, but I was caught in midair with no way to move as I watched the horror unfold. The palm of my bare foot came down on the little guy’s head, and I felt rather than heard its demise. I stepped back as soon as I could and looked down. I wish I hadn’t. I never went outside without shoes on for weeks after that.

-Liz V.

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