Creepy Crawly

Mousy Brown Hair

I don’t remember when it happened, but it was cold, I know that. I was sleeping. My hair was long at the time and I had it in a sloppy pile on top of my head. As I slept, I kept feeling something. I didn’t want to wake up, so I tried to convince myself […]


One is Enough

I awoke to a skittering across my back. After jumping around and swatting at my back, I noticed the strange quality of my cat’s insistent meow. She had caught something and was proud of it. I just knew it. I tore apart the room to find it and sure enough, there was a mouse cowering […]


No Thanks for Dropping By

I was visiting my parents with my new puppy. The little bundle of fur wasn’t allowed anywhere except the basement until she was potty trained.Now, this wasn’t a finished basement. It was a giant cement room with bare rafters for a ceiling and piles of projects yet to be finished staked in every corner. There […]