The Conjuring

I had toyed with the idea of collecting these stories, these Tiny Tales of Everyday Horror, for awhile. They are almost like urban legends, except these are things that have actually happened. I know this because I have personally collected these stories from people I know.

One night, I noticed that the spider that had been living in the corner of my shower for a few days, or weeks, left. I can’t know for sure how long he was there for becaue when a spider seems to have taken up permanent residence in the corner of your shower it can feel like much longer than it actually was. But anyway, while staring at the web he left behind, I pondered where he went. He was a big guy; I felt safe knowing where he lived. This was a different kind of spider than the ones I would normally find in my bathtub in Florida. This one was bigger and actually built a web. And now? He could be anywhere.

After a few days, another spider moved into this web. He didn’t stay long, but I got to thinking, I’ve lived in lots of places and no matter where it was spiders could be found in the bathtub. What could be creepier and leave one feeling more vulnerable than knowing there are spiders so close to your naked body? This is the feeling I’m hoping to capture. That feeling of vulnerability while monsters are about.

So, Spiders in my Bathtub was born. Here’s the thing, there have always been spiders in my bathtub. Maybe not every single time, but often enough that I think it is normal. And normally, it is normal spiders, harmless spiders, daddy long leg spiders. But once I started the blog, it’s been different. I’ve been finding brown recluses in my bath tub, on more than one occasion.


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