Three’s Company

The dorm room I stayed in in college was haunted. First there were a few silly things that could maybe be explained, like a snapchat filter reacting to the same part of the wall. It was the dog filter and it would open and close its mouth when we asked it questions. Also, there were some cabinets in the room that were so hard to close, we just left them open. One day, I came home and mine was closed. I asked my roommate if she closed it and she said no. When I tell you these were hard to close, they were throw-your-whole-body-weight against it and push. But still, we didn’t see it happen. Maybe someone came in and closed it even though no one was supposed to be in there?

The things I can’t explain: I was sitting on my bed reading and I heard a voice that sounded like it could have been the voice of the devil coming from under the desk behind me. I jumped up and ran to the other side of the room. I called security and they came and checked out the room top to bottom. No one was there.

This was the weirdest one, my roommate came into the room, talking on the phone to her mom. She had just gone to the rock shop and bought some crystals. When she got off the phone, she dumped the bag to show me what she had gotten. There was one missing. We both thought, “No big deal. She was distracted. It must have just fallen out.” So, we started to look around the room, checking everywhere. When we still couldn’t find it, I climbed up onto my bed and stood to try to get an overhead view of the whole room to see if I could see it. I did. It was on the top of the wardrobe. A wardrobe so high, we couldn’t reach the top from the ground. It was all the way in the back. The layer of dust that had accumulated up there was completely untouched.

Jessica B.

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