Chez Pee-Air

It was the end of the shift at the popular chain restaurant where I worked. Several of the servers were in the locker room getting ready to go home. The two employee restrooms were also located there. One of my co-workers had been waiting for the end of the shift to use the restroom and felt she was about to burst. Bad news. Both the restrooms were occupied. Her agonized eyes darted from door to door as she did the twisty maneuvers of the pee-pee dance. We heard a toilet flush, and I joked, “Maybe he won’t wash his hands and you can get in faster.” We heard the door unlock. I was right, but I didn’t mean to be. The person unlocking that door had not washed his hands. All eyes were on the door as the head chef pushed through.

-Jessica M., as told to ts

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