Night People

At night, I would get people come and visit me in the bedroom. Only in the bedroom and they ranged from very young people, kids, to elderly who are crawling on their hands and knees toward the bedroom door to get out. In the beginning, I believed they were there. In other words, each time I had an appearance, I believed they were there. I kicked at one of them so hard that I threw myself out of our bed, landed on the floor. He didn’t threaten me, but he’s standing there by the bed, this big bruiser. You know, it’s an odd feeling to wake up and have somebody in your bedroom. Gradually, I got used to it, to know what they were. They were just images, visions in your mind. It’s partly you’re asleep and then you wake up and they just go away. But they’re there long enough. It turned out it was medication. It was a faux pas in the meds mixture. As soon as the doctor put me on something else, they went away.

-Richard L., as told to ts

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