Universal (Monster) Healthcare

One of my classmates in nursing school was perpetually scrolling on her phone during class. She seemed to have an internal alarm that would tell her it was time to seem like she was paying attention. She would suddenly sit up straight, drag her finger down the textbook page and raise her hand. “Is it […]


Baby’s First

You want a gross and awkward story? Well, here you go. I think it was you who warned me that baby’s first poo was going to be exceptionally nasty. Yes, it is. Right after my daughter was born, as the nurse was bringing her to me to place on my chest, she let it go, […]


Nailed It

It was the late 80s. Long acrylic nails were a fad my mom decided to get into. This was before CDs took over and cassette tapes were still a thing. I’m not really sure what started it, but my mom was holding one of my brother’s cassettes tightly while he tried to snatch it from […]