Don’t Get Bent Out of Shape

I’m a travelling minister and have given sermons around the world. I also happen to be a black belt in taekwondo. One time, while waiting outside of a venue in the Philippines, I mentioned this to a young man. Now, I’m a big guy, so this kid refused to believe that a guy my size […]


You Think You’re Alone Now

This is my grandmother’s story, but what makes it mine is the way her voice and demeanor would change when she would tell it. This would have been when my mom was a kid. My grandfather was out of town for some reason or another. Maybe it was a convention? Anyway, he wasn’t there. It […]


Make it Rain

When I was in high school, during PE, I found a ball bearing on the gym floor. It wasn’t as large as a marble, but was bigger than a BB. I found that it bounced quite nicely. I was off in my own little world bouncing it off of the floor, the bleachers, and the […]