Trickle-Down 101

During Finals Week, back in college, I got real sick. I think I had the flu or something. I don’t know what it was, but I felt awful. You know how those professors are, though. No excuses. I knew I would have to come in to take that test. I went in dutifully, and almost immediately the nausea kicked in. Man, I couldn’t stop it. I just started puking, while still trying to focus on the exam. Now, this was in one of those auditorium classrooms where the floor is sloped down towards the stage. That vomit started to flow. All over, people were picking their belongings up off the floor while also trying to concentrate. I just know the professor was mad because of the ruckus I caused. I ended up with a “B” in the class, which is ok, but I know I should have had an “A”.

-Kevin S.

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