Apparent Apparel Apparition

My brush with the supernatural came when I was staying at a hotel famous for being haunted. Everyone was talking about it, asking me if I’d seen anything, heard anything. I didn’t buy any of it. The day was uneventful and I felt justified in my skepticism. That night, the sudden slamming of a door awoke me. As I looked over the room, I saw a ghostly apparition swaying in the moonlight. All of a sudden, all the stories were true. Not just those of this hotel, but all the stories I’d heard my whole life. I was spooked. When I finally calmed down, I realized there wasn’t a ghost lingering in the corner. It was my shirt hanging, ready for the next day. I never did find out what had caused that door to slam, though.

-Johnny D. Boggs, as told to ts

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