But What Exactly Was the Thought?

Probably Merry Christmas, but let’s let you be the judge with these perplexing holiday gifts…

-My mother-in-law likes to get us wearable blanket-capes. Seriously, we’ve gotten them more than once.

-I got a lacquered box with a naked woman on the lid… from my mother.

-My aunt likes to knit vests for the whole family.

-I thought the gift was a Whitman’s Sampler, but I was encouraged to open the box to find a taxidermied bat.

-My boyfriend gave me a pale blue puffy jacket. Not at all my style and way to heavy for Florida.

-My sister was given a box full of menstrual items and had to open it in front of the whole family.

-I got a jar of ham glaze. No ham, just the glaze.

-My dad liked to give porcelain dolls.

Please share the strangest gift you have ever received!

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