Eureka Springs Strikes Again

Oh, yeah, I’ve seen ghosts. I’ve lived in Eureka Springs my whole life. Everywhere I’ve lived has been haunted. See, there’s a limestone bedrock, and that’s a conductor for spiritual energy, so we get ghosts from all time periods here. Where I’m living now is haunted by, we believe, an old man. Under the house is a crawl space, real low, with a dirt bottom. We think that’s where he lives. There’s a real negative energy in that space. In the latest incident, he threw open all the cabinets in the kitchen and knocked all the cereal and stuff off one of the shelves. I’m not worried, though. Spirits don’t like mirrors and altars, so I keep those in the house. The altars don’t have to be religious. Mine just has some furs and stones. He doesn’t get past them.

-Eureka Springs local, as told to ts

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