Stop to Smell the Roses

I was asleep when I felt a force like someone was pushing on my pillow around my head, while a man’s voice yelled “WAKE UP!” My husband was out of town, but that didn’t stop me from fully expecting to see him when I opened my eyes. There was no one. I remember feeling that the room was terribly hot.

I might have forgotten that incident, but days later, my husband asked me why I had turned the gas to the fireplace off. The thing is, I hadn’t touched it.

There had been other incidents in the house, too. If you walked past my daughter’s closet, you could feel a hand pulling at your clothes. There were also times were suddenly everyone could smell something that there was no evidence of. One of the common smells was blueberry pancakes. Another was rose perfume.

My mother was very skeptical of these stories that I would tell her, but one day, she, too, smelled the rose perfume.

-Keely, as told to ts

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