Wrong Numbers

First thing when I get in to work is check my voice mail. I keep in contact with a regular set of clients as a part of my job. Most of the calls are during regular business hours, but we do get a few from all hours of the night.

On this particular morning, I had a very strange string of voice mails. It was not the voice of one of my regular clients, it was high pitched, almost like a child. She was addressing the previous liaison, Laura* whom I had replaced. She identified herself as Anonymous Anonymous and rattled off a string of numbers. She repeated the same numbers in each message, which was strange, but what really got to me was when she said, “Brother is dead. Mother is dying. Is Laura dying, too?”

This could all be a prank, and probably was, but what really creeped me out was the first call of the day was a client asking if I had heard from Laura. She told me she was worried because she hadn’t been able to get a hold of her.

-Cindy S.*, as told to ts

*names have been changed

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