No Thanks for Dropping By

I was visiting my parents with my new puppy. The little bundle of fur wasn’t allowed anywhere except the basement until she was potty trained.
Now, this wasn’t a finished basement. It was a giant cement room with bare rafters for a ceiling and piles of projects yet to be finished staked in every corner. There were no comforts. And, unless I wanted to listen to howling all night (yes, this five pound pup could somehow howl with the best of the wolf pack), I had to sleep in that basement with her.
The first night, I brought down a mattress and put my puppy in the crate next to me. With my fingers poking through the crate side so she could nudge them with her nose when she wanted comfort, I closed my eyes and began to drift off.
Then it hit me. I mean literally hit me. One second I’m almost asleep, and the next something falls from the ceiling onto my face. That was bad enough, but then it started moving.
I bolted up and did a probably very embarrassing jig till I was sure it was off. I switched the light on and searched the whole area for it as my puppy watched and whined to get out and play. I never found it. I think I set the world record for fastest puppy potty training after that.

-Liz V.

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