One Last Jam

This is kind of a ghostly story, but one night, we were out on the back porch having a get together. It was just a few of us, having a few beers. As we were sitting there, this shadowy figure kind of appeared and approached us from the side. I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing this. Only my partner seemed to notice anything. I watched as the figure walked on to the porch and then just walked through the wall and into the house. I asked my partner if he just saw what I had seen and he did. Later, I showed him a picture of my dad’s old band. I asked him if the figure he saw looked like any of those guys. When he pointed to the guitar player, I knew we had seen the same figure. None of the other guys had seen it, but they didn’t have to. We know what we saw.

The next day, a charred silouette of an angel appeared on the oak where he came from.

-Sharon H., as told to ts

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