Bats in the Belfry, among other places

We were at the farm house. That’s what we called it at least, because that’s what it was, but it was more like a log cabin. Us girls would sleep up in the attic. One night I awoke to my older sister shrieking. She was running around, shaking her head, and waving her hands. It took a minute to figure out what was wrong. See, she had this big, thick, curly hair. As I watched her running around, I could see it. She had a live bat caught in her hair.

I could hear my dad coming up the stairs. Now, he had no patience for girls running around and shrieking. When he finally got my sister do sit down so he could less-than-delicately untangle the bat from her hair, we were all nervous wrecks. I would not sleep in the attic again after that.

-Lee W., as told to ts

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