Hole in One, Spider in the Other

I was at this hotel that featured a small, mildly embarrassing mini-golf course. It looked like someone’s crafty dad had built it. Cool for a backyard but not as a featured amenity. My daughter liked it, it was fine.

We were playing one last round before we checked out. My husband got the ball in first. He shoots his hand in the hole, pulls out the ball. My 6-year-old daughter came in second. I watch her as she crouches down, plucks out her ball. I came in third.

We were all laughing and having a good time. I walk over to the hole and before reaching in, take a look. “Hey, there’s a spider in here,” I laugh. I crouch to look closer. It’s a brown recluse, one of the three deadly spiders found in the United States.


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