Make it Rain

When I was in high school, during PE, I found a ball bearing on the gym floor. It wasn’t as large as a marble, but was bigger than a BB. I found that it bounced quite nicely. I was off in my own little world bouncing it off of the floor, the bleachers, and the walls. I quite enjoyed bouncing it off the wall, and slowly started moving back. Bounce, move back, bounce, move back. Eventually I was about half way across the gym and bouncing this bearing off of the wall. Throwing this BB about as hard as I could and catching it as it came bouncing back to me. That is, until it hit a pipe on the wall and the BB didn’t come back to me. What it did do was hit the glass back board of our basketball backboard, which then shattered. I can’t remember if glass rained down like in the movies. I don’t think it was quite that dramatic. It did however make a sound that caused everyone in the entire gym to stop what they were doing and look at the now shattered backboard. The coach called out for who had done it, and I raised my hand. You might think that this doesn’t qualify as horror, but if horror is something that scares you, you better believe I was scared.

-Duane M.

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