24 Carrot dinner

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 13 years old. It’s more common now, so I don’t get as many, “then what do you eat questions?!”, which is nice. I was starting a new job and was getting to know a co-worker who invited me over one night. She was really excited to try her hand at cooking a vegetarian dinner for me. Side note: people that aren’t vegetarian/vegan assume that if you are vegetarian/vegan, you must enjoy ALL fruits and vegetables. To clarify, they don’t. To further clarify, I don’t. I do like most, but one that I absolutely cannot stand is cooked carrots. Raw carrots are fine. They have a nice crunch, a nice sweetness, but once you cook them, they take on, well, a less pleasant flavor. Kind of like a mouthful of dirt with hints of vomit.

So, I show up for dinner and she is so excited that I can’t help be excited. She whips off the lid and TAA-DAA! It’s carrot souffle! I had no idea how to break it to her that that was about the worst choice I could think of, so I ate it. Every barfy bit of it. I hammed it up too. Maybe too much, because she sent me home with the recipe.

-Alese M.

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