Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

I walked into my bedroom at ten p.m. Friday night and was about to get into bed when I saw what I thought was a plastic spider ring from Halloween. It was instead a very real black wolf spider. My teenage son was still awake, and though he has arachnophobia, he grabbed some spray while I brought the entire roll of paper towels from our kitchen. By the time we met up the spider was still in the same place, but we stood in fear of it for so long that it ran under my bed as soon as I made a move. I slept on the couch that night.

Early the next morning, armed with a glue trap, I went back into my room and saw the spider back out in the open near my bedside. I laid the trap down and coaxed it to walk onto the surface until all eight legs were immobilized from the glue. Then I dropped it into a bag of trash that I immediately took out to the garbage can before falling asleep in my bed.
Hours later, I dreamt that the trap was still on my floor and that the spider was growing bigger and bigger until it was freed. The spider got his revenge.

-Jennifer C.

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